The Electric Conductor: A Musical Murder Mystery

The Electric Conductor is the first template that Elastic Bands has produced. After the premiere event on Nov. 26, 2013, the script, animations, and jazz selections will be made available so that any organization - middle school band, community orchestra, or professional choir - can affordably and easily put on this exciting event.

This event was made possible by generous support from the University of Minnesota School of Music, Band Program, Community Engagement Fund, the Band Alumni Association, the College Music Society, and many individual donors (complete list below). 

The production uses an original script by Jake Jeppson, original Jazz Music by Riley Helgeson, original art and animations by Luisa Levine, all woven together through an original concept by Brian Messier (for biographies, CLICK HERE!)


Here's what you need to put this on yourself:

  1. A Performing Ensemble. ANY performing ensemble playing ANY musical selections. The only requirement of the production is that the ensemble play a minimum of five works. 
  2. An Actor. ANY actor. Female or male, from within your organization or not. The requirements are low, and they get to read from the script for the majority of the show, so preparation is minimal. 
  3. A Microphone, a Projector with Screen, and an Audio Playback Device  (i.e. computer with speakers)

That's it. If you want to use live jazz musicians, you can, the sheet-music will be provided. If you want to use recorded jazz music, you can, the recordings will be provided. There are no special lighting needs, no special staging needs, this effective production can be put on by any ensemble - Educational, Community, Professional - with minimal cost and time commitment.  

Here's what you get:

  1. The Script
  2. The Animations 
  3. The Jazz recordings and sheet music 
  4. A publicity poster in .jpg format, allowing you to input your own organizations information 
  5. Detailed information on how put the elements together, and suggestions for extending the impact

Here's why you do it: 

  1.  The event is designed to attract, engage, and retain new and larger audiences 
  2. The event is designed to let you do what you do best, maintaining artistic integrity
  3.   It's affordable and easy to produce
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